Use the Proper Terminology in Your Questions

April 9, 2013

Know the nature of the organization and the appropriate industry terminology-
Not all employing organizations are companies, for example. Governmental agencies and not-for-profit organizations are not accurately referred to as companies. Some for-profit organizations may call themselves firms, businesses, or agencies. Supermarkets, manufacturers, and marketing companies may talk about CPG. In these industries, it is important to know that CPG is an acronym for consumer products goods.

Most industries have their own terms, acronyms, and language. In addition, many companies have their own way of referring to various activities; one company’s team meeting is another company’s huddle. The more your questions reflect industry- and company-specific language, the more prepared and knowledgeable you will appear. Prior to your interview, make a list of terms and acronyms that you want to use in your interview. Also, if an interviewer uses a term or acronym with which you are unfamiliar, ask for a definition. Once you know the definition, try to use the term or acronym later in your interview.