July 30, 2012

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Bring Your Vision and Mission to Your Interviews

July 26, 2012

Your Vision and Mission

There is nothing more important or attractive in a personal brand than passion and dedication. Think of the people around you who are committed to excellence and make the effort to be excellent. They are typically charismatic people with valuable brands. One way to ignite your passion and establish your brand is to develop a personal vision and mission.

A personal vision is a big, bold goal that articulates your dreams and hopes for your career, reminding you of what you are trying to accomplish. It is a large, often unobtainable goal that inspires you, gives you energy, and directs your career choices. A doctor may have a vision of achieving a 100 percent error-free medicine or a pain-free world. An airline scheduler might have a vision of every plane being on time every day or a 100 percent safety record. My vision is for everyone in the world to have a job doing the work they love and earning the money they deserve. These are big, inspirational goals that give direction to work, fuel passion, and build personal brands. What is your vision for your career?

A mission statement is how you are going to achieve your vision. The doctor’s mission statement might be, “I am achieving an error-free medicine by developing medication tracking systems and protocols that enforce safety procedures and quality assurance routines.” My mission statement is, “I am developing innovative hiring procedures and helping employees discover and articulate their value in the employment marketplace.” How are you achieving your vision?

During interviews, it is powerful to tell the interviewer, “This is what I am about [vision], and here is how I achieve it [mission].” One of my young clients (25 years old), who has a passion for sports marketing, has established a goal of being recognized as the Top 40 Under 40 in sports marketing. He communicates this goal during interviews. Having a clear and powerful goal helps the hiring manager see how you fit the organization, it projects a valuable brand, it makes you more charismatic, and it answers the question, “Are you motivated for this job?”

July 12, 2012

Interview Your Best

The first challenge of any job interview is establishing rapport with the interviewer. Rapport can be described as the feeling you experience when you are with someone you intuitively like. People only hire people they like; rapport is critical.

How do you establish rapport in a job interview?

Here are some of the common things-
Be on time
The first tactic may seem obvious but it is critical…be on time. If you are late to the interview you have destroyed the foundation for rapport. Be there 15 minutes before the appointment.

Eye contact
Look the interviewer in the eye. Eye contact establishes a connection and a trust. I am not suggesting a stalking type stare but do look the person in the eye for 2-8 seconds and then look away and then back again.

Be sure to smile. Smiles are contagious and will set a tone of friendliness and…

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