The Only Hiring Issue You Need to Know to Interview Your Best

There is only one hiring issue; your value to the company

ValueWhen a company or person purchases any product or service, they are looking for value. Nothing is purchased without the prospect of getting value from the purchase. More expensive items have greater value expectations. The same is true for hiring, the higher the salary the greater the value expectation.

The hiring process is to determine one thing, can you and will you deliver the expected value to the company. This is a two sided issue. One side, based on your background skills and experience, is can you deliver value to the company and the other side are you interested and motivated to deliver the value to this company.

During your interview always think value; what is your value to the company, how will you provide value, how will you provide more value than your competition, and how will you provide value quickly?


Use an interview presentation to communicate your value

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