Avoid Filler Language and Interview Your Best

April 14, 2011

Filler wordsAvoid filler language
Filler language is words that provide no meaning to what you are saying and weakens your message. As people get stressed, filler language tends to increase. Do away with any words that when dropped does not change the meaning of your message. Filler language includes;
* Um – Um, we um need to um move ahead um with this project.
* Uh – Uh, we uh need to uh move ahead uh with this project.
* Clearly – We clearly must make a decision about this.
* Actually – We actually went to his office to speak with him.
* To be honest – To be honest, I don’t agree with that approach.
* Like I said before – Like I said before, we are focusing on the problems.
* Well – Well, I don’t think we should go.
* I mean – I mean they were really good at the game.
* I guess – I guess it is time to begin.
* OK – After you complete this form return it to me, OK.
* Quite frankly – Quite frankly, I am not happy with the outcome.
* In fact – If, in fact, you have the authority.
* If you will – Making this decision is like pushing a rock up the hill, if you will.
* Like – It is like, when I went to the meeting like it was very apparent like people were not like going to be like in agreement.
* Sorta –  When I work at home its sorta like being on my own.
* Kinda – I want to show you something that is kinda strange.
* You know – I work well with teams and you know it’s good to be part of a you know strong team.

Read each of the above sentences without the filler language and you will see how much more direct and powerful the sentences become. During your interview avoid using filler language to sound more professional and become more persuasive.