Know the 10 Commandments of Job Interviews to Interview Your Best

November 11, 2010


Win Your Job Interview

Here are the 10 commandments of job interviewing. Break these imperatives at your own peril and risk the wrath of the interviewer!

  1. Though shalt approach the interview as a opportunity to sell your skills, experience, education, expertise to the hiring manager
  2. Thou shalt know the company with which you are interviewing
  3. Thou shalt know the critical job requirements (not the general ones like good communication skills)
  4. Thou shalt know how your skills, experience and accomplishments  fit the critical job requirements and tell the interviewer about the fit
  5. Thou shalt know why you are uniquely qualified to fill the position and be able to communicate your differentiating factors clearly
  6. Thou shalt know why this firm has unique qualities, values or culture that make it a particularly good fit for you
  7. Thou shalt not complain about anyone or anything
  8. Thou shalt answers questions substantively and confidently as possible never speaking for more than 2 minutes and using examples
  9. Though shalt prepare and use an interview presentation
  10. Though shalt follow-through after the interview with each person you interviewed with
  11. (Bonus Commandment) Though shalt develop a list of powerful questions to ask the interviewer. The questions shall reflect a knowledge of the company, industry and specific job.
  12. (Bonus Commandment) Thou shalt focus on your benefits to the company which is how your background, skills and experiences will solve the problem for which you are being hired.

Follow these commandments to the promised land- a job offer.