You Better Be Presenting To Interview Your Best

Breaking NewsIt isn’t a news flash that job are scarce, competition is stiff and companies are more selective. Here is the news flash- there is a unique approach to preparing for and managing a job interview that will differentiate you, impress the interviewer, give you more confidence, and win the interview; a job interview presentation.

Imagine a structured tool that walks you through preparing for an interview, focuses your thinking about the critical requirements of the position, helps you develop a strategic action plan and then prints out a professional presentation that you can take to your interview. Would that tool improve your chances of acing the interview, you bet it does!

Here are some typical questions about using an interview presentation:


Who Controls the Job Interview?

Won’t it take control away from the interviewer and don’t they mind?
Let me answer this question with a question, who is in control of a sales call the salesperson or the customer? Neither, it is a shared responsibility of the salesperson and the customer to make sure the customer ends up with the best product or service to meet their need. The ultimate choice resides with the customer but the salesperson needs to do a great job presenting their product/service. Also, the customer has to give the salesperson the information and opportunity to do a great presentation. Every good salesperson goes into a sales call prepared to do an excellent sales presentation. Every customer expects the sales person to do a great sales presentation. Customers like good sales presentations it helps them make purchasing decisions. Clear enough? Interviewers like interview presentations, it gives them the information they need to make a hiring decision.

Public Speaking


I am not a good presenter, should I still use an interview presentation?
When used correctly, an interview presentation creates a powerful “hiring conversation”.  So even if you are not a skilled presenter, an interview presentation will be of great benefit. The presentation provides talking points and guides the interview to focus on content you want the interviewer to know. It also serves as a great leave behind.

How do I know what to put in the interview presentation?
Fortunately, this is the easiest part. Simply go to and use the iBest Presentation tool to guide you through developing a presentation (full disclosure- this writer is affiliated with InterviewBest). It can take as little as 30-40 minutes to develop a professional presentation.

Risky Business

Take the Risk

So here is the big question; why aren’t more people using it?
Well it is new, it is different, it is not well know (hence this blog entry) and many people are hesitant to take a risk on a new approach to the old job interview. But think about it, doesn’t using a presentation in a job interview just make good sense? And where is the risk? Develop a presentation, get the great preparation, and then decide whether or not to use it in the interview.

An interview presentation is a new “technology” you can apply to the job interview. Walking into an interview and putting a professional presentation on the table lets the interviewer know you are prepared, motivated, professional and qualified. All the information they need to say “your hired”.

Interview Presentation

Present to Interview Your Best

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