Get Past the Same Old Same Old to Interview Your Best

Old Time

If you read, as I do, all the information that is written about job interviews you will quickly learn that it is mostly repetitive old information that is simply repeated over and over again. Here are the typical worn out topics:

  • How to dress
  • How to shake hands
  • Be on time
  • Don’t be negative
  • Prepare
  • Thank You Letters
  • Nonverbal communication
  • Answering questions
  • Smile
  • Type of interview
  • Granted all important issues, but come on how are you learning to differentiate yourself in a competitive market  by reading the same old same old interview tips.

    Here are some new thoughts and strategies that you can use to differentiate yourself;

    Sell It

    Stop reading interview tips begin reading sales tips

    An interview is a sales call and you are in the interview to sell your services to an employer. Don’t like selling, scared of selling, not a salesperson; skip the interview.  Put on a sales hat and prepare to powerfully sell yourself. Use a “consultative” sales model to shape your interview preparation.


    Present to Win

    Learn how to present

    In today’s knowledge economy, presenting information clearly and succinctly is an important job and interview skill. Read information about how to present successfully to audiences. Prepare an interview presentation to take to your interview. Using a presentation in an interview will support your sales approach and will certainly differentiate yourself from other candidates.

    Brand You

    Brand You

    Know your personal brand

    Tell me about yourself is a tough question unless you know your brand and how you want to present yourself. Don’t think you have a personal brand; think again you have one you just have not been managing it. Read information about personal branding, establish your brand and then communicate that brand to the interviewer(s).

    What's The Problem

    Know specifically what problem(s) you are being hired to solve
    Don’t think job description, think problem solving. Everyone that is hired is hired to solve a problem just as everything that is purchased is purchased to solve a problem. Figure out the problem rather than thinking you are just being hired to perform a job. Once you know the problem address clearly how you will solve the problem.

    Here are the Benefits

    Talk benefits not just features

    Every good sales person focuses on the benefits their product or service will provide rather than just features. Focus on the benefits you will provide to the company. Ten years of experience (feature) what does that bring the company? Expertise in a computer program (feature) how will that benefit the company?

    Follow Through Close the sale

    Forget thank you and follow through instead

    Sales people do not send Thank-You Letters they send Follow-Through Letters that continues the sales process. Send a letter and write about how you will solve the company’s problems, how you will benefit the company and why you are the best choice.

    Its a new world and it requires a new way of thinking. Use the above topic areas to substantially differentiate yourself from other candidates. Consider, they are reading the same old same old, preparing in the same old same old way, and interviewing using the same old same old style. You have the advantage.

    Present to Win


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