Differentiate Yourself to Interview Your Best

The selection average is this:

  • Hundreds of resumes are received
  • Resumes are sifted down to 28 potential candidates
  • The 28 potential candidates are screened
  • Eight candidates are interviewed
  • One candidate gets the job

All final eight candidates have the qualifications to do the job. To land the job you have to differentiate yourself from the other seven qualified candidates.

To differentiate yourself in the interview, communicate your additional areas of expertise or “value adds” that you bring  to the position the others will not. For example, a manufacturing plant manager had experience managing the construction of a manufacturing facility. He could read blue prints and had worked with construction contractors. The position for which he was applying did not require construction experience but the added value of being able to help the company expand the facility in the future landed him the job.

Are you a human resource professional with special expertise in job task analysis, are you an engineer that knows ergonomic design, are you a healthcare professional with electronic claims processing expertise? Choose additional areas of expertise that are related to the position, have the possibility of providing special benefit, but are not part of the basic requirements for the job. Tell the interviewer about the expertise and be sure to be specific about the potential benefit to the organization.

You can also ask about additional areas of expertise either in an interview or prior to the interview process; “Are there additional areas of expertise that would be of benefit to this position but are not part of the basic requirements? This may give you some good ideas about aditional areas of expertise that will differentiate you from the other seven applicants.


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