Lean in to Interview Your Best

At the end of your interview it is important to ask the one most important interview question;
“Based on my background and skills what do you think will be the greatest challenges for me in this position?’

Once you have asked this question, you may hear a  challenge or a concern from the hiring manager. This presents a terrific opportunity for you to address what is referred to in sales as “an objection”.

Good sales people relish an objection because it gives them an opportunity to directly address the reason a person may be hesitant to buy. An unexpressed objection results in no-sale without an opportunity to overcome the objection and make the sale.

Many job seekers first reaction to an objection is to get nervous and then react defensively. An objection typically sounds like a criticism and is perceived as a threat to receiving a job offer. How you handle the objection may be the difference between a rejection and a job offer.

When you hear the objection, lean in to the objection. This means instead of withdrawing and reacting defensively, ask more about the objection. Get all the details. Use body language to actually lean forward showing that you are interested and not threatened or defensive. Once you have heard all the details and displayed openness, respond to the objection.

Using this approach, you will be able to clarify any misconceptions or misinformation. You may also be able to lay out a plan about how you will overcome real shortcomings. The take away here is that by “leaning in” and displaying confidence and strength, you may be able to change a rejection to a job offer.

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