Think Shareholder Value to Interview Your Best

Regardless of the position for which you are interviewing, it helps to think in terms of shareholder value. In other words, what can you do in the position for which you are applying that will increase the value of the company? In the performance of any job, there is something that you can do to contribute directly or indirectly to the bottom line.

The following are three ways a company increases its value. They include:

Growing revenue
This includes getting new customers, increasing the amount and frequency of customer purchases, and selling additional items to existing customers. Successful organizations have a “sales culture” where all employees, regardless of job, are focused on selling more product or services. Communicate this sales orientation to the interviewer and let him know you know the bottom line is the top of mind for you.

Increasing operational efficiency
Improving operations, even if it is just making a better form or removing a couple of steps from a process, drops money to the bottom line. What can you do in the position to make operations more efficient and improve profits? What have you done in the past that you can use as an example of having improved operations? Once again, let the interviewer know you have a broader perspective than just doing the job; you want to contribute to profits.

Representing the company
This relates to being a good ambassador of the company and supporting the company’s brand. When you speak with contacts, business associates, and friends how will you speak about the company. Will you be positive and suggest people use your company’s products or services. Can the interviewer depend on you to be a company team player?

Communicate to the interviewer that you have a broad view of your role in an organization. As you do an excellent job in the position, you will also be thinking about how you can contribute to the organization’s overall success. Communicating this broad perspective will position you as a high potential employee that will contribute to the overall health and growth of the company.


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