Use Logical Benefits to Interview Your Best

Hiring managers are scared to death of making a bad hire. A bad hire, someone who leaves voluntarily or involuntarily in the first 6-18 months, can cost a company anywhere from 1.5 times their salary to 40 times their salary. This is in addition to the negative evaluation the hiring manager receives.

To overcome this fear, provide logical benefits to choosing you for the position. Logical benefits provide reassuring objective reasons to hire you soothing the hiring manager’s fears and encouraging a job offer. Here are some examples of logical benefits:

Financial benefits
This may not work for everyone but when it does it is a deal maker. Figure out a way to assign a dollar amount to the value you will bring to the company. This is easiest for sales people, however with some creativity even non-sales operational people can figure how they can increase revenue or save money. For example, “Hire me and I can do both copy writing and web updates. This will save you money in web development consulting costs”

Measurable Results
State the measurable results you have been able to achieve at prior companies as a way of communicating what you will be able to achieve on this job. Be sure to choose measurable result that are directly related to the position for which you are being considered. For example, “I was able to bring our customer service response time down from 20 minutes to 12 minutes by…. I will be able to achieve similar results in this position.”

Risk control
Remember, the hiring manager is scared of making a hiring mistake. Reduce her risk. Give information that provides assurance that you can do the job, are interested in the job and will fit into the company culture. This is best done by telling stories about situations where you applied the skills, experience, and personality traits required for this job.

It is also a good strategy to summarize your logical benefits toward the end of the interview almost as a closing. For example “As I mentioned before, I can increase the company’s revenue by over 50% by opening up the international market, I can save money by managing the marketing function and having done this successfully twice already, I am confidant that I can do it again in this position.” Do not be concerned about repeating yourself, repetition increases retention. Also, don’t overlook the opportunity to restate your logical benefits in your follow-through letter.


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